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Our goal is to bring blockchain technology at your fingertip. We are highly proficient in engineering reliable and secure blockchain based technologies from the ground up and in developing innovative solutions in DApps expertise. Our team can provide a wide range of blockchain consulting services, from business requirements analysis and system architecture design to options for integration with third party systems. We are ready to support you in event presentations regarding the consulted software, stage presentations, video presentations and multiple media assistance.
We Take Challenges

IB Development provides companies with a complete view of blockchain perspective and its potential implications. From stronger supply chains to faster cross-border transactions, the blockchain technology give us the opportunity to create smart enterprise models.

We Explore The Ideas

Thanks to an emerging concept such as blockchain, there are a lot of new opportunities to be exploited. We can implement, develop or transform any of your ideas in order to bring you the best results. Our team will advise you on a range of matters that you can encounter in the blockchain industry.

We Craft A New Future

Blockchain-based fintech can be the next level of the financial industry’s evolution. The blockchain in financial technology can provide more consistent and efficient banking services, from cost reductions to minimise paper war in traditional banking.

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We’ve always focused on enabling companies to shift from traditional systems to the decentralized future.
Do you plan to launch ICO/EIO? Try our blockchain consulting services.

At IB Devel, we offer end-to-end Blockchain consulting services to help you work smarter, at the same time reducing the risks, improving trackability and safety. We offer advice on the strategic implement of blockchain technology based on a complete analysis of your company’s profile along with your ideas of development. We will determine the potential of blockchain technology in your company and discuss potential opportunities for optimization.

With our expertise in consulting across different industries, we can enhance a comprehensive roadmap for the implementation of blockchain in your company. A blockchain consultant researches, develop, analyze and test blockchain technologies. The aim of blockchain consulting is to convert business goals into technology roadmaps that clients can follow to accomplish target outcomes.

Why blockchain in marketing? Because stability, decentralization and transparency.

Blockchain has become a helpful tool for advertising and marketing. It can keep current records, maximise data security and transparently display consumer practices. Transparency and liability are required across the globe in the digital advertisement ecosystem. Blockchain marketing features an entirely new advertising and marketing environment, where consumers are capable to own and sell their data directly to marketers and advertisers. Some of the many improvements that blockchain marketing can bring are: ad buying and selling without mediators, fraud detection and accountability in the supply chain, laser-targeting the right audience, data control and ads on social media. We can help you create white papers, community management and engaging content so you can extend your brand from lighthouse customers into the mainstream.

Blockchain Development

Our software developers are trained in building blockchain based technologies from scratch. Starting with blockchain related applications, known as DApps, up to smart contracts, architecture and protocols, our team is ready to assist you. Basically, we create a system that enables secure digital transactions, record and store data block and prevent external changes or hacks.

Software Development

Regardless of industry, blockchain is used to renew business models and to bring new benefits across financial services, government, healthcare, retail industry and supply chains. The new software contributes to increased speed, transparency and improved traceability. As a blockchain software development company, we will help you implement smart contracts, blockchain ecosystem apps, blockchain forks and a variety of blockchain projects.

Mobile Apps Development

The purpose of any mobile app is to provide a flawless and effortless user experience with an expert look. We can make your app interactive, instinctual and user-friendly. A common mobile app project is composed of three integrative parts: server technology, API and mobile app front-end. We are here to provide you with a full tailored experience.

Websites Development

Blockchain web development seems to be the most propitious business app technology these days. One of the technologies which became equivalent to cryptocurrencies and token crowd sales. Although, there are a variety of blockchain applications that could be used in web development. Get started by contacting us for a free project analyse in web development.

Our Approach to Blockchain.
Blockchain technology is built on a foundation of four key elements. We bring the fifth!

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Blockchain technology has the potential to change the way we run companies.
Financial Technology

Payments & Transactions

Sending, receiving and record of the funds on an international level commonly takes time and comes with a high cost. Post-trade processing must be executed rapidly as capital markets are unpredictable, and handled safely and efficiently. Instant banking transaction payments are processed instant due to the decentralized blockchain as they are independent of the third party correspondents and the payment is processed directly between the contractual parties. This way, the transaction is safer thanks to a cryptographically secure end-to-end payment stream and a peer-to-peer verification network. Furthermore, smart contracts can be utilised for the customer reward programmes, such as gift certificates, tickets and prepaid vouchers. All these can be achieved easily via blockchain-based processors in a faster, less expensive and more flexible way.

Information Technology

Smart systems and data storage

Instead of relying on one central cloud server to locate and connect with every single device, blockchain technology can provide secure mesh networks, where different devices will interconnect reliably at the same time preventing threats just as device spoofing and impersonation. The facilities provided by the blockchain technology can be used to set up immutable evidence chains valuable not only for supply chain management but also for the identification of individuals and individual assets. Encrypted public ledgers serve as data storage for records of personal data, such as medical records, marriage certificates or education diplomas and create a digital thumbprint of them. In this case, priceless assets or data are intact and authenticity is verified and transparency assured.

Digital Media

Content Distribution & Intellectual Property

Given the liability, security, transparency and immutable nature of Blockchain, it can have a major influence in the field of intellectual property. Digital media content handling usually demands third party distributors between the initial author and the end-user. Blockchain technology enables the author to maintain direct control over the distribution and monetisation of his work via blockchain-based processors, which determine and automatise distinction payments and licensing. Data security is provided by blockchain-based authentication and patent management platforms, which ascertain a long-lasting attribution and provenance validation of intellectual property.

Insurance Industry

Remittance & smart contracts

A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is designed to automatically execute, command or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. Not only that insurance companies can profit from faster payment processing, but they can also use smart contracts based on blockchain. The payments will be contingent, automatic and effective in such a way, making the process more transparent and accurate in effect. As a rule, payment is only completed when the pre-approved demands or conditions are met. This can be applied to programmed testing and payout calculation of demand and premium processing and on the assessment and processing of micro-insurances. In case that occurrences of fraud appear, the blockchain will easier detect them since it would deny multiple claims allocated to the same insurance action.

Energy Industry

Operation of Decentralised Grids

The challenges are enormous and highly complex. As the percentage of power coming from the synchronous generation of fossil-fuel power plants diminish, the grid becomes less stable. Not only that new decentralised energy supplies are connecting to distribution networks, but smart technologies also mean many consumers will no longer be passive users of power and turn out to be active players of the system. Decentralised energy grids enable excess energy to be shared from one energy resource owner to the end consumer in a P2P exchanging system or supplied into an already established distribution network. Neighbourhood solutions in the shape of local community grids are also established on a clear and cryptographically secure blockchain platform, which has the ability to disconnect from the primary electric grid if the weather conditions become extreme or some other emergencies turn up. The organisation of sustainable installations via blockchain-based systems additionally automatise the operative process, market trading and removal of utensils.

Supply Industries

Supply Chains

A supply chain is the interconnected network of individuals, companies, assets, actions and technologies involved in the manufacture and sale of a product or service. Blockchain can greatly improve supply chains by allowing faster and economically advantageous delivery of products, enhancing products traceability, refining coordination between partners and facile access to financing. The latest supply cycles have become more and more difficult to manage due to the higher fragmentation, individualisation and sporadic dissemination. A blockchain application improves perceptibility and transparency in the supply chain, as it registers recordings of each transfer on the ledger as a transaction. Each transaction determines the two parts involved, the operator and the receiver and offers additional information like price, location, date, quality and shape of the product. After logging on the platform, the information is secure and invariable therefore any attempt of fraud is prevented.

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